MoneyTreeTeam - is the chain of Distributors of LOETUE PURE COCOA POWDER across Nigeria! We are not a Network Marketing Company but an affiliate marketing company. We are empowering Nigerians to become stakeholder in our revolutionary success story. We want to help you sit over a possible market of over 80Million Nigerians who wants to stay healthy, and over 2Million Nigerians already suffering from heart diseases.

MoneyTreeTeam - is expanding rapidly throughout Nigeria, open for business for all the 36 states, successfully helping Nigerians to start and build Distributorship Business of their own with very Little Capital - while creating a Healthier Nigeria remains our objective.

MoneyTreeTeam - is referred to as the best for its offers affordable, Low -start-up capital, a product to distribute/sell, and a virtual store for you to run your business conveniently from the comfort of your home, or as part-time business you can run side by side with your current job/business! So if you live in an area where there is no MoneyTreeTeam distributor, please join and be one of the first to bring MoneyTreeTeam to your locality. Click To JOIN US Now

What Is -


Facts About Our Product -

* Loetue is NAFDAC APPROVED - (NAFDAC NO- 081065)!

* Prevents & Treat Diabetes - Loetue Contains Flavanol which are powerful antioxidants that can help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control!

* Prevents & Treat Hypertension - Loetue Pure Cocoa contains a rich source of Antioxidants which promotes vasodilatation which lowers blood pressure.!

* Improves Brain Power - Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate Contains "minus epicatechin” a compound that supports increased circulation and the growth of blood vessels,which improves cognition and enhance brain memory!

* Prevents & Treats Cancer - Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate Is Highly Concentrated with Catechins and Procyanidins which has beneficial health effects against oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, risk factors for cancer!

* Improves Low Sexual Performance - Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate increases Nitric Oxide and Artery Friendly, Increases Blood flow that enables Erection Boosting In Men. Thereby, boosting sexual performance is men.!

* Reduces Menstrual Pains & Cramps During Monthly Period- Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate Contains Natural Theobromine and Alkaloid That Helps Women reduce pain during monthly Period!

Common Usage Of Loetue Cocoa Powder -

- Can be used as Food Drink! To be taken as Tea with Hot Water - (For Effective Use - Do not apply Sugar or Milk - You can add Honey)

- Can be used in the making of Chocolate! For domestic & Industrial use.- (Melt Coconut Oil - With Low Heat, add Vanilla Extract with Honey)

- Can be used in the making of Facial Mask! For domestic & commercial use.- (It helps fight ageing and rejuvenates dead skin - google it!)

- Can be used in Baking! Domestically Bake Dark Chocolate Cake, Cocoe Fudge and Cocoa Stick - With Cocoa Drink for a Treat!

You Are At The Right Place - On the Right Path - Because This Platform Has Provided For You An Opportunity For Self Help, to Help Friends & Family As Many As Possible To achieve health and wealth.

JOIN the Network of People Who Are Helping Themselves & Others To Stay In Good Health, While Also Making A Steady - Residual Income On A Daily Basis, Enough To Improve Their Standard Of Living!

MoneyTreeTeam Marketing Plan For Distributors-

At MoneyTreeTeam, the road map to success and sustainability is simple! Effortlessly share the product - the health benefits and the Financial opportunity with Friends & Family, and in return Earn Financial Reward as a give back for the value you add to them.

How Things Work Here-

From Today, you can start your very own successful Home Based Business, using our Product, Education and Essential Tools - You give in your Keenness!

* Register Today FREE, Upgrade your Account status to Distributor with just N3500 to start enjoying the Distributor Benefits.

* Access your Distributor Account Back-End with your Login Details, to access the Essential Tools (Replicated Link, Article Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads etc..) to start sharing with your Family and Friends the health benefits and the Financial opportunity.

Join The MoneyTree Marketing Referral Program! It is not Network Marketing!
It is the same referral business package you are familiar with
as been used by as I-Refer Scheme by GTBank, etc.

Testimony from some our distributors

There is a customer of mine that have been suffering from High B.P i introduce the Cocoa product to him and he received his healing and do away with the drugs he has been using before. - Mr Simeon Nwadike.

Many Thanks To MoneyTreeTeam! When I got to hear about MoneyTreeTeam, in truth, I was very doubtful, and besides, am not so good at selling things, so I first concluded its not for me. But all through the night, it was on my mind. Once a while, a still voice will drop "This is an opportunity for you to change your finance, and stop complaining about lack of money" The following day, I decided to give it a try, even if I loose N3500, that should not be a barrier. Today, I already hit N30,000 per week. Apart from that, the Admin is just excellent, they resolve issues at a speed you cant expect, try it, to prove me wrong! At least, no harm in trying, so try MoneyTreeTeam - Yemisi Akintande!

I got to know about this product through a lady selling it on the street and i bought it, after taking it for a week i went for a lab test and i discover that almost 75% of the heart problem i was having was gone. that was how i became a distributor - Pastor Samuel Alege

When I came across MoneyTreeTeam, the first question I asked myself is, "Is this not going to be too hard for me to do?" But, I took courage, since I realize I have to do something urgent to save my family from the issue of Finance, but later I find out its easy and learn-able, just understand the basics, study the member area. At first, I almost missed it, but I keep asking question from the Responsive Admin, here I am today! - Franklin Ifeanyichukwu Ibeh

Affiliating to the MoneyTreeTeam Distributor Network is the best decision I took this year. It turned out to be an eye opener. How? I do have loved ones, friends and family who needs to cure and even prevent some ailments Loetue can handle, especially Diabetes and Hypertension, but could not do anything - than to just pity them, and even part with reasonable amount of money as support. Just one day, Last Month, the day I took the best decision to Join MoneyTreeTeam I decided to give it a try. Today am happy, feeling fulfilled that I can impact peoples life Health and Wealth wise and I also get Rewarded financially. - Adedeji Salako

Inviting You To Join Our Network Of Distributors - See Potential Income Structure

1st Month Income
2nd Month Income 3rd Month Income
If You Sponsor 20 New Distributor
Commission = N40,000
If You Sponsor 30 New Distributor
Commission = N60,000
If You Sponsor 30 New Distributor
Commission = N60,000
They Purchase 4 Packs Each
1 Per Week = N48,000
They Purchase 4 Packs Each1 Per Week =
They Purchase 4 Packs Each1 Per Week =

Purchase From Your Affiliates
In 1st Month = N48,000
Purchase From Your Affiliates From 1st & 2nd Month
= N120,000
Your Average Income In The First Month is
Your Average Income In The 2nd Month is
Your Average Income In The 3rd Month is

Get Access To Earning From Home - Get Paid Every Monday - Every Monday Is GREEN DAY

* Earn N2000 Commission For Every New ACTIVE DISTRIBUTOR you Refer!

* Earn 8% Commission Every-time On Each Purchase Made By All The Active Distributor Under You!

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Retail Profit
Performance Bonus
As a distributor with MoneyTreeTeam you are legible
to buy Loetue Cocoa Powder at wholesale price and
you can sell it to your customers at,retail price.
The difference will be your retail profit.
You earn N2520,as retail profit for sale of every pack.
As a distributor with MoneyTreeTeam you are legible to
recruit distributor for MoneyTreeTeam to Earn what we
call performance bonus.
Performance Bonus on each Referral you recruit, you
will earn N2000 Each
As a distributor with MoneyTreeTeam you are
eligible to earn 8% On Each Purchases Your Downline
Make Even Till The Next 10 Years.

Work Now For Months & Reap The Benefit Over &
Over Again

Get Started With N3,500 Distributor Activation Fee - To Earning With MoneyTreeTeam

You Will Never Walk Alone - We are here to Teach & Lead You Through The Path -

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