What Is -


Facts About Our Product -

* Loetue is NAFDAC APPROVED - (NAFDAC NO- 081065)!

* Prevents & Treat Diabetes - Loetue Contains Flavanol which are powerful antioxidants that can help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control!

* Prevents & Treat Hypertension - Loetue Pure Cocoa contains a rich source of Antioxidants which promotes vasodilatation which lowers blood pressure.!

* Improves Brain Power - Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate Contains "minus epicatechin” a compound that supports increased circulation and the growth of blood vessels,which improves cognition and enhance brain memory!

* Prevents & Treats Cancer - Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate Is Highly Concentrated with Catechins and Procyanidins which has beneficial health effects against oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, risk factors for cancer!

* Improves Low Sexual Performance - Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate increases Nitric Oxide and Artery Friendly, Increases Blood flow that enables Erection Boosting In Men. Thereby, boosting sexual performance is men.!

* Reduces Menstrual Pains & Cramps During Monthly Period- Loetue Pure Cocoa Concentrate Contains Natural Theobromine and Alkaloid That Helps Women reduce pain during monthly Period!

Common Usage Of Loetue Cocoa Powder -

- Can be used as Food Drink! To be taken as Tea with Hot Water - (For Effective Use - Do not apply Sugar or Milk - You can add Honey)

- Can be used in the making of Chocolate! For domestic & Industrial use.- (Melt Coconut Oil - With Low Heat, add Vanilla Extract with Honey)

- Can be used in the making of Facial Mask! For domestic & commercial use.- (It helps fight ageing and rejuvenates dead skin - google it!)

- Can be used in Baking! Domestically Bake Dark Chocolate Cake, Cocoe Fudge and Cocoa Stick - With Cocoa Drink for a Treat!

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